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HKS, Inc.

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Mailing Address:111 West Washington, Suite 1700
Primary Contact Name:Tommy Zakrzewski
Contact Phone:312-262-9764
Contact Email:[email protected]
Which most closely describes your business? Professional Services, Contractor, Professional Services
Indicate professional licensing of key staff, where applicable:Illinois Registered Architect (RA), Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
Indicate key markets for your organization:Commercial Office, Data Centers, Event / Commercial Office, Event / Convention, Healthcare, High Rise, Hospitality, Institutional / Government, Laboratories, Mixed Use, Multi-family Residential, Schools (K-12), Schools (Higher Ed), Sports Arenas / Venues
Please list core areas of company expertise:Creating places that enhance the human experience through Architecture, Planning & Development, Programming, Project Management, Structural Engineering, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Advisory Practice, Research, Sustainable Design, Architectural Design Interpretation and Integrative Energy Engineering.
Please list relevant experience providing energy services in the Chicago metro area:At our soul and in our daily practice, we are a service company. Our vast suite of capabilities allows us to intersect with one another, involve experts at every level, include our clients’ visions and improve each project we touch. A place is not merely a structure. It is a living, breathing element that resides in a larger environment, and must exist in a community and improve the experience of those who use it – as well as those who never will. We are a combination of artists and tacticians, imagining, coordinating and creating some of the world’s most iconic places.
Please describe your experience that qualifies you to conduct benchmarking and data verification services, including specific training on use of Portfolio Manager, ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits (or similar):Our Integrative Energy Engineering services are supported by ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP), LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) and LEED Fellows, AEE Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP), Certified Passive Haus Consultants (PHIUS CPHC) and Living Future Accreditations (LFA). Our collective experience includes delivering comprehensive facility assessments, ASHRAE (I, II, and II) audits, benchmarking studies, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager services, Building and Community Carbon Emissions Inventory, Measurement & Verification, Post Occupancy Evaluations, Building Performance Modeling, Utility Bill Analysis, and LEED and WELL Building professional services.
Provide a brief summary of your experience providing building improvements to enhance energy performance:We understand a building’s position within the greater context. We recognize its impact on its immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole, and we continually work to be responsible stewards of our neighborhoods and our planet. It is with this spirit that we approach projects with not merely an attitude of how we can create a minimal footprint, but rather how can we inspire and motivate behavior within and even beyond the structure.
If requested, how many references can you provide?More than 3
Entry Date11/16/16

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