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Board of Directors Composition

For Composition of the Board.

Members of the Board of Directors shall have expertise in one of the following sectors. No more than 4 board Member s shall represent a single sector.
These sector categories include:

1) Building Product Manufacturers (including Building Controls, Manufacturers/Building Operations and Maintenance)

2) Contractors and Builders

3) Corporate and Retail

4) Educational and Research Institutions (both public and private including K-12, colleges and universities)

5) Environmental and Non-profit Organizations

6) Federal Government

7) Finance and Insurance Community (institutions, appraisers, accountants)

8) Professional Firms (including, but not limited to architectural, engineering, consultants, legal, design and technical)

9) Professional Societies and Trade Associations

10) Real Estate and Real Estate Service Providers (including building owners, developers, property managers)

11) State and Local Governments

12) Utilities, ESCOs and Energy Service Providers.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to approve the candidates recommended by the Elections Committee to ensure there is balance in the candidates

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