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Green Building Series: LEED EBOM Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Hosted jointly by BOMA/Chicago & USGBC – Illinois Chapter

Spend your lunch hour once a month with the experts in sustainability, green building technology, ecological services, and
LEED EBOM Certification (LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance). This series of 10 seminars will offer you
insider knowledge of the LEED process and requirements, and will help you achieve the environmental, financial, and social
benefits of green operations and maintenance.

Hear case studies on the strategies used by experienced green building practitioners, gain insight for managing a smooth
LEED performance period, and learn tips for successfully documenting credits the first time around. Industry experts will
present on common pitfalls, challenges, solutions and success stories throughout the LEED EBOM process. Project team members with active projects or potential new projects are encouraged to bring questions about credit compliance and documentation for answers from speakers experienced in performing the LEED EBOM certification process.

When: 4th Tuesday every month (See specific dates and topics in the right column)
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (Bring your lunch!)
Where: 77 West Jackson , 3rd Floor Conference Center (2/22, 4/26, 6/28, 7/26, 8/23, 9/27, 10/25,11/22)
Citigroup Center/500 West Madison (3/22, 5/24)

Audience: This comprehensive seminar series is designed for property managers, facility managers, owners, engineers, consultants, architects and building professionals who want to implement sustainability into daily building operations. Register today!
•    If you are looking to decrease your building’s energy costs and consumption in 2011 
•    If lowering your operating costs is a necessity
•    If you are you thinking about registering your building for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations + Maintenance (O+M)
•    If your building is already LEED registered or certified, and you are looking to implement further sustainability innovation and strategies
•    If your goal is to effectively highlight your building’s green initiative in tenant relations and retention as well as in leasing

BOMA/Chicago & USGBC Illinois Member fee*:  $15 per seminar, $125 for all 10 sessions
Non-member fee:   $45 per seminar, $375 for all 10 sessions
*For USGBC Illinois Member discount, register at
*For BOMA/Chicago Member discount, register at
Registration is required. No refunds will be offered.

Continuing Education:
RPA and FMA Designation Holders
– Earn required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units.  The sessions in this series can be reported as “education credits”.  Earn one point for each hour of education, ten points total for the series.  Contact Lisa Bluhm at BOMA/Chicago with questions about the process, 312-870-9612 or [email protected]

LEED APs w/ Specialty or LEED Green Associates - Earn credit to fulfill GBCI’s Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) requirements. The sessions in this series can be reported in the “professional development” activity hours in GBCI’s CMP reporting process. Contact Katie Kaluzny at USGBC – Illinois Chapter with questions about this process, 312-245-8300 x203 or [email protected]

Dates & Topics

Getting Started with LEED EBOM

Water Performance & Efficiency

Energy Performance and Benchmarking

Energy Audits, Commissioning & Benchmarking

Waste Management Reduction Strategies & Policies

Getting Traction on Sustainable Sites Credits

Green Cleaning & IAQ Best Practices

Procurement in Multi-tenant Buildings

Engaging Occupants & Innovation Credits

Recertification & LEED Updates for 2012

Getting Started with LEED EBOM – 3/23/2010
Informed early decisions and planning can help project teams skirt common pitfalls in the LEED process. Learn how to get started with LEED, what to expect, first steps, and how to develop a solid LEED strategy. Hear case study highlights and why owners and managers are choosing to pursue the LEED EBOM certification for their properties.
Energy Audits, Commissioning & Energy Best Practices – 4/27/2010
EBOM rewards projects that undergo energy auditing or commissioning activities, but the cost savings potential make these worthwhile practices in all buildings. Learn the details of LEED EA (Energy & Atmosphere) credits, the difference between energy auditing and a full commissioning process, and how much building owners can save by understanding energy use breakdowns in their building. Explore how to use a performance-based approach to tailor energy reduction measures through monitoring and maintenance. Experts will also share strategies and benefits of developing a commissioning or retro-commissioning plan.
Water Performance & Efficiency – 5/25/2010
LEED promotes water efficiency and proactive management for fixture use, landscaping, and cooling towers. Learn how to get over the WE prerequisite 1 hurdle through low-cost fixture upgrade strategies, how to earn points and save water through proactive monitoring, and if/how you are eligible for irrigation reduction points (some urban buildings are!!), Explore case studies to illustrate the cost savings and payback that water conservation strategies can promote in existing buildings.
Waste Management Reduction Strategies & Policies – 6/22/2010
Managing waste in LEED EBOM project buildings focuses on three main waste streams: ongoing consumables, durable goods, and facility alterations and additions. Learn ways to reduce waste production, tips on effective recycling or composting programs, and how to green your construction waste practices. Best of all, avoid the need to pick through your trash twice by learning the in and outs of LEED’s waste auditing requirements.
Getting Traction on Site Credits with Zero Lot Line Buildings – 7/27/2010
Even urban facilities with zero lot lines can be optimized to minimize their impact on the environment and earn LEED points. This session will explore strategies for implementing environmentally-preferable snow and ice removal techniques, setting up low-environmental impact cleaning systems, minimizing light pollution, managing pests, and more.
Green Cleaning & IAQ Best Practices – 8/24/2010
Green cleaning and indoor air improvements garner points for LEED, and also create a healthy experience for occupants. Learn about strategies for proactive, ongoing air quality management, from green cleaning to improved filtration. Get help navigating the web of associated LEED credits and hear about ever-expanding world of viable green cleaning products and practices.
Procurement: Top 5 Strategies to Pursue in Multi-tenant Buildings – 9/28/2010
Particularly in multitenant buildings, promoting greener procurement comes with challenges. Learn about how LEED rewards green purchasing, and explore the whys and hows of environmentally responsibly procurement policies and materials selection. Determine which LEED green purchasing credits might be within reach, steps you can take to find opportunities in your building for greener sourcing, and which green products are likely to come cheaper than their conventional counterparts.
Engaging Occupants in Single & Multi-tenant Buildings – 10/26/2010
Learn about good options for rounding out your LEED strategy with “bonus” points from the Innovations in Operations credit category. In addition, get ready for the LEED submittal and review phase by learning documentation best practices and the top problems that application reviewers see.
Credit Innovations & Documentation – 11/23/2010
Learn about good options for rounding out your LEED strategy with “bonus” points from the Innovations in Operations credit category. In addition, get ready for the LEED submittal and review phase by learning documentation best practices and the top problems that application reviewers see.
EBOM Wrap-Up: LEED Certified Case – 12/14/2010
Wrap up your EBOM education with tips and success stories from several LEED certified EBOM projects in Chicago. Hear firsthand about life after LEED certification, including the impact on operational costs, tenant attraction and retention, and how to keep sustainability initiatives going without the pressure of the performance period.

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