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PositivEnergy Practice, LLC

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Mailing Address:115 S. LaSalle St., Ste 2800 Chicago, IL 60603
Primary Contact Name:Martin Lunkes
Contact Phone:312.374.9200
Contact Email:[email protected]
Which most closely describes your business? Professional Services
Indicate professional licensing of key staff, where applicable:Illinois Professional Engineer (PE)
Indicate key markets for your organization:Commercial Office, Data Centers, Event / Convention, Healthcare, High Rise, Hospitality, Institutional / Government, Laboratories, Mixed Use, Multi-family Residential, Retail, Schools (K-12), Schools (Higher Ed)
Please list core areas of company expertise:"Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm Engineering
Building Automation System Consulting and Design
Energy Auditing, Management & Analysis
Monitoring-Based Commissioning
Energy Modeling
Renewable Energy Feasibility Analysis
LEED Consulting Services
Data Visualization
Parametric Modeling
Smart City Consulting
Energy Carbon Tracking Tool Development
Environmental Analysis
Sustainable Infrastructure Consulting and Design
Please list relevant experience providing energy services in the Chicago metro area:PositivEnergy Practice developed energy retrofit ‘Road Maps’ for 2 suburban office buildings and 19 office and hospitality properties participating in the City of Chicago’s Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings Initiative. Each Road Map presented a detailed business case to help the building owner/manager/operations team identify energy conservation measures and improvements that would help achieve the building’s commitment to reduce energy consumption by 20% over 5 years. For approximately 18 million sf of building space, Road Maps leveraged $5 million in incentives from the state and local utilities; 10% average internal rate of return on investment; 24% average energy reduction; total savings of 356,000,000 kBTU/yr of energy.
Please describe your experience that qualifies you to conduct benchmarking and data verification services, including specific training on use of Portfolio Manager, ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits (or similar):"The retrofit ‘Road Maps’ that PositivEnergy Practice provided for 21 buildings varied from ASHRAE Level II to ASHRAE Level III audits depending on whether capital intensive modifications were analyzed and recommended in the final report delivered to each building.

Our licensed professionals have worked with Chicago buildings to provide ENERGY STAR® ratings through Portfolio Manager. Additionally, we have experience with the City of Chicago’s energy benchmarking submissions process, which is conducted through Portfolio Manager.
Provide a brief summary of your experience providing building improvements to enhance energy performance:Select Chicago retrofit projects to transform existing buildings into higher-performing facilities by designing more efficient HVAC, electrical and controls systems, improving envelope performance, implementing monitoring-based commissioning, and using renewable energy resources: replacement of building automation system and monitoring-based commissioning for 750,000 sf, 2-tower hotel; chiller plant improvements, storm water discharge mitigation, AHU control damper replacement, monitoring-based commissioning for 2-building office property; automation system infrastructure upgrade to support new tenant control systems, and replacement of Motor Control Centers with high-efficiency equipment for a supertall Chicago office tower.
If requested, how many references can you provide?More than 3
Entry Date9/25/2015

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