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Nominate Your Outstanding Volunteer

Volunteers play a central role in accomplishing our mission and promoting sustainable, healthy communities through green building. The Annual Meeting is the perfect opportunity to recognize all of our volunteers, and to give special recognition to volunteers that go above and beyond. Nominate your outstanding volunteer and see them shine at the Annual Meeting.

Ted Krasnesky, Catherine Krasner, Amy Coffman Phillips and Bianca Richier. Not present is Michael Eichhorn.

2015 Volunteer Recognition Recipients

Green Mind Award – Amy Coffman Phillips
This award recognizes the Chapter’s biggest Educational Advocate. This award is for a Chapter member who has dedicated their time to advancing the Chapter’s mission through growing our educational reach and impact in Illinois.

Green Sprout Award – Bianca Richier
This award identifies an Emerging Professional who has gone above and beyond to raise awareness and engage the community about getting involved and implement green building initiatives.

Green Champion – Catherine Krasner
This award recognizes an individual who has truly been a USGBC – Illinois Chapter Champion. A Chapter member that has shared the Chapter’s green building message to help advance the conversation about a sustainable future in Illinois.

Green Advocate Award – Michael Eichhorn
This award recognizes the Chapter’s Green Advocate. This award is for a Chapter member who has dedicated their time to advancing the Chapter’s mission-driven advocacy initiatives by advancing our work to engage community throughout Illinois.

The Chapter Leader Award – Ted Krasnesky
This award recognizes a Chapter volunteer that has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty to drive the mission forward in 2015. This Member has advanced the Chapter through their innovation, leadership skills, passion along with member and community engagement. 

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