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Nominate Your Outstanding Volunteer

Volunteers play a central role in accomplishing our mission and promoting sustainable, healthy communities through green building. The Annual Meeting is the perfect opportunity to recognize all of our volunteers, and to give special recognition to volunteers that go above and beyond. Nominate your outstanding volunteer and see them shine at the Annual Meeting.

Left to Right Top Row: Dan McJacobson, Rael Slutsky, Tommy Zakrzewski; Bottom Row: Natalie Hicks, Lauren Tavel

Left to Right, Top Row: Dan McJacobson, Rael Slutsky, Tommy Zakrzewski; Bottom Row: Natalie Hicks, Lauren Tavel

2016 Volunteer Recognition Recipients

Natalie Hicks
Natalie consistently stepped up to take on critical volunteer roles in 2016. Early in the year, she played pivotal role for the USGBC-Illinois annual fundraiser by securing significant donations, which led to one of the highest fundraising Limelight events. Natalie also volunteered to fill a key leadership role as Co-Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee and has already created numerous events to bring together eager and engaged young professionals – an essential group to sustain and support the USGBC-Illinois community and mission.  

Dan McJacobson
In 2016, Dan contributed his time and professional expertise to assist more than 550,000 square feet of property in completing their Chicago Energy Benchmarking reports. Dan provided reporting guidance and pro-bono data verification for a nonprofit museum and several affordable and senior housing properties.  By volunteering in the pro-bono data verification program in support of the Chicago Energy Benchmarking ordinance, Dan is providing a critical service that helps expand energy efficiency efforts across Chicago and beyond, thus directly supporting the USGBC-Illinois mission.

Lauren Tavel
Actively involved in the Emerging Professional Committee and Annual GreenBuilt Home Tour, Lauren has volunteered her time and expertise in social media to promote the tour and mission of the USGBC-Illinois.  Utilizing numerous platforms she is instrumental in reaching new audiences. She thoroughly embodies sustainability ideals and sets an example for other Emerging Professionals. 

Rael Slutsky
Rael is an integral member of USGBC-Illinois’ Standing Programs Committee. His leadership and contributions in 2016 led to highly-valued programs on Commercial Urban Farming and Transit Oriented Development trends, while also offering guidance and praise to the whole volunteer team. Rael sees the possibilities and connections between design innovations, education and opportunities to meet our mission. His meaningful and impactful educational programming continues to drive USGBC-Illinois and our members toward sustainable and efficient communities.

Tommy Zakrzewski
Tommy went above and beyond in working with many senior housing and social service facilities to understand their energy use and comply with the Chicago Energy Benchmarking ordinance. Tommy worked to enter data, finalize the reports, perform professional verification, and answer follow-up questions for over 800,000 square feet of property in 2016. By providing support for energy benchmarking, volunteers, like Tommy, are serving as a key resource driving energy efficiency in buildings across Chicago, and beyond, which directly contributes to the USGBC-Illinois mission and also supports roll-out of the Carbon Drawdown Initiative.

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