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Heartland Regional Council Superstars Announced

  • We are pleased to announce the HRC 2014 Chapter Volunteer Superstars!Jesse Crupper USGBC-Central Plains Chapter
    Amanda Tolliver USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Barb Yankie USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Julie Tolliver USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Katie Austing USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Linda Kerechek USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Maia Dauner USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Peter McAdams USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Seth Pirie USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Tom Kennedy USGBC-Cincinnati Regional Chapter
    Alessandra Carren USGBC-Detroit Regional Chapter
    Peggy Matta USGBC-Detroit Regional Chapter
    Anthony Offak USGBC-Detroit Regional Chapter
    Christopher Chwedyk USGBC-Illinois Chapter
    Ariane Laxo USGBC-Minnesota Chapter
    Chelsea Madden USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Jan Niehaus USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Kevin Gates USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Lawrence Lile USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Lynn Larkin USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Ryan Walsch USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Tim Michels USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter
    Amanda Bogner USGBC-Nebraska Flatwater Chapter
    Cheri Holman USGBC-West Michigan Chapter

    Thank you all for your service! We couldn’t do it without your energy, effort and enthusiasm!

    We know you are very proud of your members contribution!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
    Congratulations again!

    Stewart Whitcomb – Heartland Regional Committee Chair,
    George K. Tuhowski III, John Albrecht and Kimberly Lombardozzi – Heartland Regional Committee

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