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2014 Green Apple Projects

Interested in supporting Green Apple Day of Service as a volunteer? Check out these great projects happening across Illinois and sign up to help!

Questions? Contact Katie Kaluzny at 312-245-8300 x203.

School & Location Project, Date & Time Description of Program What We Need Volunteer!
John R. Tibbott Elementary School,
Bolingbrook, IL
Be Green Day
Friday, Sept. 26 from 9:00 – 2:30
Our Green Apple Day of Service will focus on breaking ground for a Butterfly Garden and kicking off a full scale recycling program with Waste Management. We are looking to create a habitat for our butterfly program. We also will be starting to recycle more items within our school thus reducing waste. We would love to be connected to individuals who could offer insight into establishing a strong viable butterfly garden. We welcome any visitors or volunteers! Volunteer
Euclid Elementary School,
Mount Prospect, IL
Outdoor Classroom We are updating the courtyard at Euclid school with native plants to make them people and classroom friendly for students, parents and staff. There will be a duck habitat, outdoor classroom setting and educational areas so that we can teach the students and community about nature and the environment. We need 15-20 strong volunteers to clear the courtyard and do the plantings. We also need monetary and/or plant and material donations. Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
River Trails Middle School, Mount Prospect, IL New Recycling Program We would like to get the school environmental club to plan and implement a way to recycle Styrofoam lunch trays. This would probably be a month long project including a field trip for the students. We are currently throwing all the lunch Styrofoam trays in the garbage and would like to reduce waste by recycling them. We would like an expert in recycling to be a mentor for the program. Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Indian Grove Elementary School, Mount Prospect, IL Prairie Education We have a natural prairie. We would like to have the students identify the plants, order signs and put them in the prairie next to the appropriate plant. We would also like to put a path through the prairie so that classes can be conducted in this area. This will benefit the school by teaching students about nature. We need an expert in prairie plants to help us identity the plants and design the signs. We also need adult volunteers to build the path. We need funding for the signs. Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Harrington College of Design, Chicago, IL Art Supplies Drive Used art and school supply drive targeting students and alumni. Art and school supplies will be donated to schools in need. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Ludwig Von Beethoven Elementary School, Chicago, IL  Healthy Learning, teaching, working environment, Sept. 27 from 10:00 – 2:00 Engaging community in conversation around healthy schools and how all, can help reach this state. Acquiring commitments from students & parents, teachers, custodians and community. We want our school to be an example, a model against nay sayers and such thinking. Our green apple day of service will consist of workshops and activities in our garden space.  Learn more  Volunteer
Stratton Elementary School, Champaign, IL GADOS 2014, Sept. 26 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM USGBC Students chapter at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign will teaming up with Stratton Elementary School for sustainable improvements to their school. We are planning to install a couple of rain barrels to collect the rain water for reuse. It will greatly benefit the school because their current courtyard suffers from frequent flooding.  Learn more  Volunteer
Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy
Chicago, IL
Gardening Project
Sept. 27,
10am – 2pm
The school is looking for volunteers to help plant and weed their school yard and school garden. We are looking for 30 helping hands! Volunteer
South Shore International College Prep
Chicago, IL
Clean Up, Learn Up SSICP would like to volunteer for a clean up project which will allow our students to use hands on training. This would allow us to facilitate what teachers are teaching in the classroom about cleaning up behind themselves and in their community We are looking for 10 knowledgeable green experts to greet and inspire students in the importance of sustainability! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Chicago High School for the Arts
Chicago, IL
Chicago High School for the Arts
Sept. 20,
10am – 3pm
Experts HOK, WE Oneil, DIRTT, YRG to provide materials and design for interior and exterior green renovations. Urban Garden and interior space upgrades. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
John M. Smyth
Chicago, IL
From Greenhouses to Raised Beds Our goal is to demonstrate to our students how the seedlings started at our on-site greenhouse can be moved outdoors in the spring. We will also be building 2-4 raised beds on school property, at least one that is cold frame. If enough resources, we will also rethink growing opportunities on other areas of the site. This is our opportunity to demonstrate gardening possibilities to our students, and local community. We are looking for a gardening, or landscape expert that can help us with our vegetable growing, as well as improve our gardens through native and appropriate plant choices! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Perspectives Leadership Academy
Chicago, IL
Community Clean Up For the third year we will join Green Apple in doing a Community Clean-up. The purpose is to show the community that we we care about it, make the community more environmentally friendly and healthy, and more beautiful. We need clean up materials donations, and leaders for student groups! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Mile Square Health Center
Chicago, IL
Green Building Tour of Mile Square
Sept. 26,
12pm – 1pm
The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System opened the doors to a new Mile Square Health Center, a state of the art facility attempting LEED Gold status and designed by Moody Nolan would like to offer tours in honor of Green Apple Day of Service. Attendees encouraged! Volunteer
Dr. Bessie Rhodes School of Global Studies
Skokie, IL
Vegetable Garden Start-up We are going to do a school grounds garden clean up. We plan to enlist classes to weed and clean up the various planting beds, as well as transplant some plants to other areas in need of landscaping. We may also build a raised bed or two to start a vegetable garden. We need materials donations, and an expert to help build our raised beds! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Fairview Early Childhood
Rockford, IL
Flowers for Pride We would like to plant flowers around our school. This will help the school culture and add pride to our learning environment. We are looking for flower donations, and a planting supervisor! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
St. Mary’s Middle School
Alton, IL
Madison County Green Schools Resource Fair
Sept. 27,
9am – 11am
Madison County, IL educators are welcome to attend a morning packed with Green School and sustainability information. Learn more about the Madison Country Green Schools Program, along with guest speakers, resource vendors and fair, and a Share Fair! Attendees encouraged! Volunteer
Trinity Day Care
Rockford, IL
Our Work Together, Sustains Their Future
Sept. 27,
10am – 2pm
Trinity Day Care’s big blue playground is the focus of many passerbys and we are renovating to make it safer! Families and friends of Trinity Day Care will be active participants in painting a mural as well as playing on a safer playground. Seeking child friendly painting volunteers! Volunteer
IL Mathematics and Science Academy
Aurora, IL
IMSA Green Apple Day of Service
Sept. 27,
9am – 1pm
IMSA Students plan on tackling the issues of energy engineering and sustainability consulting. Students will be reaching out to faith-based institutions and providing these basic services while learning about energy and sustainability within the built environment. We need 2 experts! We would like to have the students work with an energy engineer and a sustainability consultant! Volunteer spots are full
Prairie Crossing Charter School
Grayslake, IL
Bioswale for PCCS
Sept. 15,
12pm – 1pm
A project conceived by two students, who plans to design and install a bioswale that will stop the erosion problem destroying one of their campus paths each year. Their intent is to reduce erosion through a treatment train and rain garden. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Prairie Crossing Charter School
Grayslake, IL
Gardening for the Future
Sept. 27,
10am – 2pm
Community members and school personnel will take the next step in Prairie Crossing Charter School’s Sustainable Schoolyard endeavor. We will be working to create more cold frames for the raised beds. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Kennedy Middle School
Rockford, IL
Butterfly Garden The project we will be working on is a butterfly conservation planter to go around our school sign and additional planters near the primary teacher entrance to welcome them to their day with a bit of natural beauty. This improvement will increase our visibility and perception in the community. We need materials donations! Interested? Email Katie at USGBC – Illinois
Highlands Elementary School
Naperville, IL
Highlands Habitat Our service project is focused on improving our “Highlands Habitat.” Our current habitat includes plants and a walking path for students to get to school. We would like to improve this area by purchasing and planting native plants and provide a plant identifier for future community contributors to maintain the habitat. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Chiaravalle Montessori
Evanston, IL
Green Apple Week of Service
Sept. 22,
12pm – 4pm
Students, employees and parents will engage in various activities during the Green Apple week to improve and make aware of the importance of sustainability in Chiaravalle Montessori School. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Benito Juarez High School
Chicago, IL
Green Apple Garden Continued We are continuing our Green Apple work from last year. Our garden requires improved signage, a fence, and we are looking to acquire chickens. The cafeteria also will take a new coat of paint. We also look forward to mentor recommendations! Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Green Buddha Life Sustainability Center
Aurora, IL
Give New Lives for Your Old Friends – Recycle Your Loved Books
Sept. 27,
9am – 3pm
Green Buddha Live Sustainability Center is asking you to clean out your closets, garages, and basements and donate your old books at their center. They can provide boxes, pick up books from homes that don’t have access to bus routes #529 and #530. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Vaughn Occupational High School
Chicago, IL
Harvest Social Our students with intellectual disabilities are looking for non-disabled peers from Wright College to introduce to our vegetable and Monarch gardens, as well as to work with to harvest vegetables, pull weeds, water, work on compost, and collect data for monarch monitoring. The students will benefit from conversations about college life with mentors, and practicing social skills through sharing their knowledge of the garden. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Woodland Primary School
Gages Lake, IL
Green Ribbon Clean Up The Primary School is a Green Ribbon School winner and LEED Silver Status Certified. We would like to have a clean up and beautify day where we clear out our nature trail, plant flowers in our butterfly garden and paint “Buddy Benches” for our playground and surrounding areas. In addition, we will be giving tours of our school as a green ribbon school for the community and inviting the community to partner with us for a day full of activities and education about LEED certification and a Green Ribbon School 2014. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Intercultural Montessori Language School
Chicago, IL
Green JAHN Day of Service
Sept. 26,
12pm – 1pm
A presentation will be given to the children about conserving energy, and natural resources that will correspond to their new recycling program. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
Bogan High School
Chicago, IL
Sustainability & The Built Environment
Sept. 26,
8am – 12pm
The school will be setting up learning stations for a group of 100 students. The station topics will include alternative transportation, green space (landscape) building / sculpture, energy, and designing with SketchUP. The students will visit up to 2 stations within the morning course and finish the day with a career fair provided by all the team members (architects, interior designers, landscape arch., engineers, etc.) Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full
LYDIA Home Association
Chicago, IL
LYDIA Home Garden Project
Sept. 27
The goal is to provide much needed repairs and improvements to LYDIA Home’s Community Garden, specifically the garden pond. We will be working with Lend Lease to complete the work. Volunteer spots are full Volunteer spots are full


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