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Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

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Mailing Address:175 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1400
Primary Contact Name:Jim Vallort
Contact Phone:312-580-0535
Contact Email:[email protected]
Which most closely describes your business? Professional Services
Indicate professional licensing of key staff, where applicable:Illinois Professional Engineer (PE)
Indicate key markets for your organization:Commercial Office, Data Centers, Event / Convention, Healthcare, High Rise, Hospitality, Institutional / Government, Laboratories, Mixed Use, Multi-family Residential, Process / Industrial / Manufacturing, Retail, Schools (K-12), Schools (Higher Ed), Sports Arenas / Venues
Please list core areas of company expertise:Too cold? Too warm? No internet connectivity? Not sure if there is enough power for your equipment? These are some of the issues our team of experts addresses through professional consulting engineering services. At ESD, our specialized knowledge is aligned to the markets we serve through five areas of expertise: Consulting, Engineering, Technology, Energy+Eco, and Commissioning.
Please list relevant experience providing energy services in the Chicago metro area:ESD is a Chicago based company founded in 1967 whose first client was the Chicago Board of Trade. While ESD has expanded nationally and globally, almost all of our 250+ engineers are located in our Chicago headquarter offices. Through our lifetime, ESD has provided mechanical electrical and plumbing design services for new construction projects as well as engineering consulting services for buildings in services. A partial list of our local clients include: the Willis Tower, the Hancock Building, the CHA, Ping Tom Memorial Field House, and others.
Please describe your experience that qualifies you to conduct benchmarking and data verification services, including specific training on use of Portfolio Manager, ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits (or similar):ESD provides ENERGY STAR benchmarking services to over 40 commercial office and high-rise residential buildings in the Chicagoland area. In addition, ESD is an approved ComEd Retro-Commissioning provider and has successfully conducted ASHRAE Level I and II energy audits for buildings seeking LEED for Existing Buildings certification. The Hyatt Center is in example of a successful ComEd Retro-Commissioning project. Over 1,613,500 kWh of annual electricity savings were identified, measured, and verified through the implementation of five low-cost retro-commissioning measures.
Provide a brief summary of your experience providing building improvements to enhance energy performance:ESD has a long history in providing services to help buildings owners reduce their energy costs while improving their buildings marketability. The services we provide to accomplish these goals range from benchmarking and ASHRAE Level I energy audits to building repositioning studies and complete redesign of a building's HVAC and controls systems. An example of successful project recently completed includes 330 North Wabash. Improvements to the building’s mechanical systems included the consolidation of the existing electric steam boiler system into a new central system with gas-fired condensing boilers and new variable speed pumping distribution.
If requested, how many references can you provide?More than 3
Entry Date3/31/2015

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