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Mailing Address:303 W. Erie St., Suite 510, Chicago, IL 60654
Primary Contact Name:Mary Schmidt
Contact Phone:(312) 915-0557
Contact Email:[email protected]
Which most closely describes your business?Professional Services
Indicate professional licensing of key staff, where applicable:Illinois Professional Engineer (PE), Illinois Registered Architect (RA), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), CxAP
Indicate key markets for your organization:Commercial Office, High Rise, Hospitality, Institutional / Government, Laboratories, Mixed Use, Multi-family Residential, Process / Industrial / Manufacturing, Restaurants, Retail, Schools (K-12), Schools (Higher Ed)
Please list core areas of company expertise:Our team of consultants provides a full range of services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection, lighting and information technology design. We specialize in energy modeling, building commissioning, LEED consulting, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and day-lighting studies. Additionally, dbHMS has been recognized as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the Building Design and Construction rating system family by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).
Please list relevant experience providing energy services in the Chicago metro area:Our team has performed energy related services throughout the Chicago area as well as nationally. The services we have provided in the past includes performance assessments, evaluation of energy consumption, commissioning, Retro Commissioning, Energy Benchmarking, ASHRAE Studies, and computer based energy models and simulations. Some specific examples include:
Energy Benchmarking and Building Comparisons for Niles District 219
Retro Commissioning for The Women’s Treatment Center
Energy Analysis, Commissioning, Retro Commissioning and Renewable Energy Studies for Hispanic Housing Development Corporation for Photovoltaic systems, Combination Heat & Power Systems, Lighting Retro-fits, and Design.
Please describe your experience that qualifies you to conduct benchmarking and data verification services, including specific training on use of Portfolio Manager, ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits (or similar):We consult with owners pursuing certification under the LEED for Existing Buildings program and rate their properties under EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager Program. We are pre-qualified SEDAC Design Assistance Experts and RCx Service Providesr and provide full building energy assessment and retro-commissioning services for the SEDAC program, which is a DCEO funded EEPS program. As part of the program, we help local governments, school districts, and businesses identify energy efficiency improvements to help building owners save energy and money. To date we have performed over 10 assessments and retro-commissioning projects for these types of programs and have identified more than $130,000 in annual energy costs savings for participants.
Provide a brief summary of your experience providing building improvements to enhance energy performance:Our evaluation focuses on finding/ documenting owner/building requirements & analyzing building performance. We hold a meeting with building and project members to understand the goals and how the building is presently operating. We conduct reviews of building documentation and energy consumption, as well as perform a walkthrough of the building. Initial walkthroughs focus on identifying systems, system performance, and low cost Energy Conservation Measures. After low cost ECM are identified we perform reviews of system performance and perform calculations to capture larger and more complicated ECM. We meet with the owner to review all identified ECM, create a plan of action to implement and verify each ECM has been correctly implemented.
If requested, how many references can you provide?More than 3
Entry Date5/6/2015

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