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2017 Limelight Raffle Winners

May 15, 2015

Thank you again for your generous support of USGBC-Illinois at Limelight this year!

Check out the winners of all of the fabulous raffle packages below! If you were not present to win, please email Joan Martin at to coordinate your prize pick-up.

Raffle Number Raffle Name And the Winner Is??????
No. 100 Unique & Upcycled Marge Anderson
No. 101 Electric Bike Antuany Smith
No. 102 Choose Your Hue Adnan Akbari
No. 103 Grow Your Own Food Mark Bettin
No. 104 Backyard Composting Marge Anderson
No. 105 Divvy Commuter Essentials Robert Natke
No. 106 Good Morning, Alexa Jed Starner
No. 107 Plant a Tree Chris Lambert
No. 108 Set the Mood Heather Beaudoin
No. 109 Explore Chicago Marge Anderson
No. 110 Save Water in Style George & Kay Malek
No. 111 Ready for the Weekend Megan McKitternick
No. 112 Sit Well, Work Well, Feel Well Elena Savona
No. 113 Picture Perfect (5 Winners) Daniel Wood, Caryn Eldridge, Alina Tompert
Brian Earl and David Eldridge
No. 114 Fore! Fore Three Experience Mike Kenagis
No. 115 Weekend Joy Ride Mark Milby
No. 116 Capture the Moment (2 Winners) Brian Earl and Michael Skowlund
No. 117 Enhance your Wine Cellar Will Baker
No. 118 Watch the Champs in Luxury Mike Dudek
No. 119 Cubbies, Cubbies Dan Docel
No. 120 Guarenteed Fun Mike Kenagis
No. 121 4th of July Fireworks Tony Spata
No. 122 Cubbies & Marlins John Albrecht
No. 123 White Sox vs Oakland Katrin Klineberg
No. 124 Cubs vs Rockies Kelly Maynihan
No. 125 Dinner and a Ball Game Mike Kenagis
No. 126 Cubs & Pirates Daniel Wood
No. 127 All Kinds of Pampering Aryn Shaw
No. 128 Gather the Friends Jonathan Meyer
No. 129 Sip, Spill and Clean Rael Slutsky
No. 130 For the Home Chyanne Husar
No. 131 Ready to Mix and Pour (2 Winners) Hillary DeGroff & David Eldridge
No. 132 Chimay Grande Reserve Blue Tim Taylor
No. 133 Water Culture (3 Winners) Mary Andujar, Qianmin Zhang & Meg Boyle



Just Approved: USGBC-Illinois NEW Strategic Plan

October 3, 2016



On behalf of the USGBC-Illinois Board of Directors and staff, we are excited to share with you our new four year strategic plan. You can read it here.

In crafting a bold new direction for the organization, the board was inspired by Paul Hawken’s new work around Project Drawdown. There was also a strong desire to bring the benefits of green building to more buildings and more people.

With that in mind, the plan includes three ambitious goals:

  • Engage 3,500 Chicago buildings in adopting one or more carbon drawdown strategies
  • Ally with partners in every Chicago community to advance resiliency and livability at neighborhood-scales
  • Train 30,000 to socialize and advance carbon drawdown strategies throughout Illinois.

This isn’t the first time USGBC-Illinois has set ambitious goals. Nearly 15 years ago, we set out to make LEED the premier green building rating system used in Illinois. Today, Illinois has the national distinction of having the most LEED square footage than any other state for three years running!

Most important to the success of the plan is the passion and expertise of sustainability-minded professionals like yourself. That’s why we hope you’ll consider taking this survey. It will help us better understand your interest in advancing sustainability in Illinois.

We hope, with your passion and expertise, you will help us build on Illinois’ reputation as a national sustainability leader by advancing no-regrets carbon drawdown strategies.

Download the epic plan here.


USGBC-Illinois Releases Annual Report

May 27, 2016

Our 2016 annual report highlights the impact of our unique network of volunteers, members and donors have made in advancing the latest in sustainable technology and design in Illinois. Check it out here

In addition to reporting on our fiscal health, the report features events like the GreenBuilt Home Tour, our partnerships to advance energy benchmarking and the difference community service projects, like the annual Green Apple Day of Service, have made.

Building on this success, we’re embarking on new grassroots initiatives to bring sustainability strategies to into every neighborhood. We plan to promote and support the implementation of no-regrets carbon drawdown strategies in Chicago’s neighborhoods while at the same time fostering livability and resiliency.

To read more about our work, download the full annual report on our website here.

Join the Green Group Savings Program

January 25, 2015

The Chapter has partnered with Office Depot® GreenerOffice™ on our exciting Green Group Savings Program.  Chapter Members, Sponsors and Supporters can enjoy deep discounts for their sustainable office supplies and more!  Take advantage of the large catalog of savings as an individual or enroll the entire office.

Scroll down and click the register for savings button to start saving on sustainable office products and supplies.

green savings jeremy


Join the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition

March 23, 2015

Check out the new Green School Investment Guide

October 25, 2013

The Green Schools Investment Guide for Healthy, Efficient and Inspiring Learning Spaces is a free downloadable resource for K-12 schools and communities that demonstrates how schools can implement healthy and resource-efficient building improvements.

Learn more at

USGBC – Illinois Event Planning Tools

March 8, 2012

The USGBC – Illinois Branch Event Planning webpage is your one‐stop‐shop for all you need to know to plan a successful event. Please distribute this web link to any Branch or Committee volunteers involved in the event planning process.

The Event Planning Form (link below) is the single most important document in the event planning process. This form must be complete and submitted to Chapter Staff at least 30 days prior to event. Failure to submit on time may result in event cancellation due to insufficient time to properly promote and obtain credits.

The tools in the bullets below provide further guidance on how to complete the Event Planning Form as well as additional event planning assistance.

Chapter staff are always available to assist you in planning your event, but we hope the tools above help to streamline communications and the event planning process. Feedback is always appreciated!

Happy Event Planning!

Brian, Katie, Joan  and Liz

House Joint Resolution 45 LEED Task Force Report

March 30, 2011

Moving toward a sustainable future for Illinois Schools.

View the entire HJR45 LEED Task Force Report.

Read the 97th General Assembly Legislative Update and Monthly Spotlight March 2011 from our State & Local Government Committee where this report is highlighted and other important legislation is reviewed.

House Joint Resolution 45 (HJR 45), spear-headed by Representative Karen May (IL House of Representative, 58th District), was adopted by both the Illinois House and Senate on May 28, 2009 and October 29, 2009, respectively. The resolution created the HJR 45 LEED Task Force comprised of a member (or designee) from both parties of both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, representatives from several state agencies (DCEO, ISBE, CDB, and the Governor’s office), and led by the U.S. Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter (USGBC – Illinois).

The Task Force was charged with authoring a report to recommend programmatic, financial, and other resources that can foster sustainability initiatives on a larger scale in Illinois schools.

The USGBC – Illinois Chapter Advocacy Committee and Branch Chairs along with Doug Widener, Chapter Executive Director and Paige Finnegan, Board Chair traveled to Springfield this week for Advocacy Day.  At a reception for the Illinois General Assembly along with other task force partners, this report was officially released.

For more information about this report, contact Doug Widener of the U.S. Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter at (312) 245-8300.

HJR45 Chapter Advocacy
Twenty percent of America goes to school every day. We spend almost 90% of our time indoors, and for one out of every five of us (more than 60 million people) much of that time is in school buildings. There are more than 130,000 schools in this country and each one can be better places to teach and learn through its natural and built environment.

Green schools save energy, water and money – hundreds of thousands of dollars each year – that can be reinvested in teachers, technology and textbooks. Improvements such as cleaner indoor air and increased access to daylight not only support the health and well-being of our kids and teachers, they raise academic performance and reduce absentee rates. The school facilities themselves can function as living laboratories to foster environmental literacy and support a generation of environmental stewards.

Illinois has some of the finest examples in the nation of high performance facilities and sustainable school programs. Some of this can be credited to the individual initiative of a teacher, administrator, board member, or student. Others have benefited from grassroots level community engagement. Most of these results can be linked to a policy.  There is still work to be done, however, with schools reporting nearly $10 billion of capital needs for new schools, building additions, and general repair work for the next two years. It is through policy enhancement that the groundwork that has been laid for sustainability in Illinois’ schools can be shared on a much broader scale by all schools in the state. This is where members of the 97th General Assembly can find common cause and look to the following for additional policy enhancement opportunities..more.

HJR 45 LEED Task Force Members/Acknowledgements
Special thanks to the HJR 45 Task Force Members. Without the dedication and leadership of the individuals below the Task Force’s work and this report would not be possible.
Task Force Appointed Members:
Representative Karen May, Illinois House of Representatives, 58h District, individual appointed by the
Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives
Representative Robert Pritchard, Illinois House of Representatives, 70th District, individual appointed
by the Minority Leader of the Illinois House of Representatives
Christopher Dillion, Campbell Coyle Holdings, LLC, individual appointed by the President of the Illinois
Daniel Bulley, Mechanical Contractors Association, individual appointed by the Minority Leader of the
Illinois Senate
Karen Shoup, Illinois State Board of Education, individual appointed by the State Superintendent of
Eric Heineman, Office of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, individual, appointed by the Governor, from the
Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council
Lisa Mattingly, Illinois Capital Development Board, individual appointed by the Executive Director of
the Capital Development Board
Kate Tomford, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, individual appointed by
the Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Doug Widener, U.S. Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter, individual appointed by the Chair of the
U.S. Green Building Council – Illinois Chapter, who shall serve as the Chair of the Task Force
Task Force Additional Members
Mike Waldinger, AIA-Illinois
Mark Bishop, Healthy Schools Campaign
Stuart Brodsky, Cannon Design, Co-Chair USGBC-Illinois Green Schools Committee
Doc Kotecki, Energy Systems Group, Co-Chair USGBC-Illinois Green Schools Committee
Joseph Clair, Illinois Institute of Technology, former Board Chair, USGBC-Illinois
Ruth Harris, Adopt-A-School Program consultant,