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Alternative Utility Services, Inc.

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Mailing Address:750 Veterans Pkwy Suite 104 Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Primary Contact Name:Jenna Buehre
Contact Phone:262-248-0930
Contact Email:[email protected]
Which most closely describes your business? Professional Services, Energy Consulting/Benchmarking
Indicate professional licensing of key staff, where applicable:Certified Energy Procurement Professional
Indicate key markets for your organization:High Rise, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Multi-family Residential
Please list core areas of company expertise:Energy procurement and efficiency consulting services.
Please list relevant experience providing energy services in the Chicago metro area:Alternative Utility Services, Inc. (AUS) has had the pleasure of working with some of the largest residential properties in downtown Chicago. Because of our innate understanding of our clients' energy profiles and access to utility data, benchmarking became a value-added service that just made sense.
Please describe your experience that qualifies you to conduct benchmarking and data verification services, including specific training on use of Portfolio Manager, ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits (or similar):AUS successfully benchmarked and coordinated the verification of over 60 properties in time for the 2015 compliance deadline. Using the services of outside engineering firms for the verification, the properties that engage through us are essentially reviewed twice, which creates a double-layer of accountability and accurateness.
Provide a brief summary of your experience providing building improvements to enhance energy performance:AUS views our clients from a holistic standpoint and we use benchmarking as an opportunity to review energy use from multiple perspectives. Based on 2015 results, we've identified areas for improvements and have engaged with several properties for lighting audits - one of which resulted in an anticipated annual savings of $4,992 between maintenance and electricity.
If requested, how many references can you provide?More than 3
Entry Date8/12/2015

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